SUCKUK, a century old flooring brand from London, UK, integrates fashion design concepts with natural elements to create fashionable and artistic featured products.SUCKUK is an international, young and fashionable flooring brand integrating the design, research and development, production and sales of new products.
Relying on the international operation and management concept,SUCKUK flooring is the first batch of brands to carry out the R & D and manufacturing of multi-layer solid wood and pure three-layer solid wood flooring. It has the world's most advanced production system. With its powerful product function and unique design sense,SUCKUK flooring has won the favor of many designers. Its exquisite woodworking skills have a long history, and its strong artistic atmosphere and hand carpentry skills have converged into the unique temperament of UK SUCKUK flooring. With exquisite material selection and exquisite carving, each finished product is a unique boutique, luxurious and fashionable, but low-key and simple. With its unparalleled skills, it has become a synonym for art, and perfectly reflects the ultimate charm of made in Britain.
SUCKUK flooring has experienced R & D, design and technical teams in the industry. With the responsibility of providing professional installation, perfect space solutions and services, SUCKUK flooring has established a more stringent enterprise internal control standard than international standards. The sales and engineering service network of SUCKUK flooring products covers the world, and the products are exported to more than 50 countries, such as Italy, France, the United States, Canada, Mexico, Dubai, South Korea and so on.
Along the way,SUCKUK flooring has always taken providing fashionable and artistic products as its mission. Excellent quality, good after-sales service, as well as unremitting innovation and design, are the testimony of the hard work of SUCKUK flooring for consumers! In the future, SUCKUK flooring is looking forward to working with you to achieve a wonderful life!


英国伦敦那作为一座享誉世界的历史文化名城,其浓郁的文化根基以及深入骨髓的艺术情结赋予了SUCKUK 源源不断的艺术生命力。品牌的设计灵感源于自然、人文艺术以及生活的点滴,具有深厚的文化沉淀,因此设计出的产品经久不衰,成为了英国最受欢迎的地板品牌之一。
百年历史积淀的工艺和技术,让SUCKUK 成为“工匠精神”的最佳诠释。2018年,SUCKUK 调整品牌定位“为艺术而生”,从人性化角度出发,制造出既具有艺术内涵又符合当代审美格调的地板产品,这些产品具有更深的艺术性、美学效果以及欣赏价值。
2020年,SUCKUK 地板被引进中国,汲取伦敦艺术风格与调性,融合传统艺术与开放性思维,延续100 多年之久的传统手工艺和创新精神,将艺术与科技交汇融合,打造多元看点,在保留传统的基础上以崭新的面貌开启品牌的未来。
百年风华,厚积薄发!目前,SUCKUK 地板已与全球近30多位知名设计师达成战略合作,为品牌的革新注入新鲜血液,并将品牌的种子播撒到世界各地与设计圈层,共同探索艺术人居的最佳定位,实现品牌在新时代新领域的全新突破。
与艺术同行是SUCKUK 地板血统中亘古不变的基因,作为一个拥有着百年历史的英国地板品牌,同时作为潮流趋势的设计者,SUCKUK地板一直着力原创,以趋势带动行业,用设计带动潮流,探索地板行业更多的表现形式与潜在可能,为消费者带来同步世界的生活方式。
London, England, as a world-renowned historical and cultural city, has its rich cultural foundation and deep-rooted artistic complex, which endows SUCKUK with endless artistic vitality. The design inspiration of the brand comes from nature, humanities and art, as well as bits and pieces of life. It has a deep cultural precipitation, so the designed products are enduring and have become one of the most popular flooring brands in Britain.
The craftsmanship and technology accumulated over a hundred years make SUCKUK the best interpretation of "craftsman spirit". In 2018, SUCKUK adjusted its brand positioning to "live for art", and from the perspective of humanization, produced flooring products with both artistic connotation and contemporary aesthetic style, which have deeper artistry, aesthetic effect and appreciation value.
In 2020, SUCKUK flooring was introduced into China, drawing on the artistic style and tonality of London, integrating traditional art and open thinking, and continuing the traditional handicraft and innovative spirit of more than 100 years, integrating art and technology, creating a variety of attractions, and opening up the future of the brand with a new look on the basis of preserving tradition.
Hundred years of grace, accumulated and thin hair! At present, SUCKUK flooring has reached strategic cooperation with nearly 30 well-known designers around the world, injecting fresh blood into the brand innovation, and spreading the seeds of the brand to all parts of the world and the design circle, so as to jointly explore the best positioning of artistic habitat and achieve a new breakthrough of the brand in the new era and new fields.
Walking with art is an eternal gene in the pedigree of SUCKUK flooring. As a British flooring brand with a hundred years of history, and as the designer of trend trends, SUCKUK flooring has been focusing on originality, driving the industry with trends, using design to drive trends, exploring more forms of expression and potential possibilities in the flooring industry, and bringing a synchronized world lifestyle to consumers.


经久不衰 典藏制作
品质追求 匠心片选
极简木作 诗意恒久
Long lasting collection production
Positioning pure luxury, in a world dominated by reproduction, sockuk still insists on creating art by hand. Through the selection of 10% of the essence of carefully selected raw materials and wood, for every 10000 square meters of logs, take the most beautiful 1000 square meters, and precipitate classic production for more than 100 years to lay down the new aesthetics of modern home furnishings.
Quality pursuit ingenuity film selection
But it is classic, pure and charming. The spirit of master craftsman has been living with wood for a hundred years. It coincides with the inspiration of nature, changes its posture, and is still romantic. It describes colorful colors with texture, and the beauty of life is above texture. It is constantly advanced. The enthusiasm of suckuk is persistent here. It always retains passion for every piece of wood, puts aside all complex and flashy decorations, and constantly reshapes and enriches the minimalist London aesthetics for a hundred years.
Extremely simple wood works, poetic and lasting
Brilliant natural beauty, full of visual tension, freeze frame personality posture, deduce British romance, carefully create every process, adhere to every detail, inherit the eternal pursuit of century old wood art, constantly interpret and try cultural and historical collections, and shape the new art of classical taste.
For solid wood multi-layer flooring, the quality of the base material directly determines the final quality. If the base material is good, the floor is good. The quality of the base material is mainly determined by the density and uniformity of the wood.


● 木材密度紧实,强度佳,能够适应多种环境,不易发生翘曲变形;
● 同种木材,各层基材之间收缩膨胀一致,稳定性更强且质量出色;
● 木皮等级高,孔洞节疤少, 表面光洁度、平整度比普通桉木基材更佳;
● 加工后板面平整,企口平滑细腻, 板材颜色白净漂亮;
● 绿色环保,天然耐腐性强,能有效抵抗生物菌类攻击,防虫防蛀。
● The wood has compact density and good strength, which can adapt to a variety of environments and is not easy to warp and deform;
● For the same kind of wood, the shrinkage and expansion of each layer of substrate are consistent, with stronger stability and excellent quality;
● High grade veneer, less holes and knots, and better surface finish and flatness than ordinary Eucalyptus substrate;
● After processing, the plate surface is flat, the groove is smooth and delicate, and the color of the plate is white and beautiful;
● Green and environment-friendly, with strong natural corrosion resistance, it can effectively resist the attack of biological fungi and prevent insects and moths.
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